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The APT Group has supplied car park control systems to NCP since the early 1960’s. It supplied the first “automated” ticket system to their underground car park in Park Lane, London. During the 1970’s and 1980’s sales to NCP grew to half of APT’s business with an established service base supporting more than 200 car parks.

When the APT – Skidata joint venture was established in 1998, NCP had already upgraded some of these car parks to the newer software based technology calledPay on Foot. From an early stage NCP decided that the combination of APT’s experience and expertise with Skidata’s innovative technology would be their preferred option for Pay on Foot car parks.

Between 1999 and 2006, APT Skidata was NCP’s principal supplier of Pay on Foot technology as NCP undertook a nationwide update of all of their car parks. A network of more than 250 car parks, initially connected to seven regional control centres, were equipped with Skidata technology. In 2006 a single super control centre based in south London with all 250 car parks connected on a single network was completed. After these works were completed the level of new car park equipment sales slowed down significantly partly, as a result of the financial crisis and partly due to NCP’s strategy to consolidate on the use of the new technology.

Concurrent with this rapid expansion of NCP’s Skidata portfolio, a national agreement was put in place to provide efficient and cost effective service and technical support. Prior to 2005 APT had an annually renewable support contract. In 2005 it entered into a five year term contract with a further three year term contract being agreed in 2010. In 2012, prior to the expiry of the three year term APT entered into a new five year term support contract which runs through to 2017.

This new support contract is linked to a separate Sales Agreement whereby APT Skidata has been appointed as NCP’s exclusive supplier for Pay on Foot technology covering a five year phased capital spend of Ł11m + to upgrade just under 200 of their car parks with new hardware and software.

The relationship with NCP has lasted well over such a long period due to APT’s ability to consistently provide them with a high level of customer service both in terms of responsiveness to their changing needs and in supplying them with a high quality post sales technical and field service support. The current position is that APT are their exclusive supplier for the next five years and APT has commenced the upgrades programme. The relationship with Senior Management is excellent and APT has every reason to be confident that APT will be working hand in glove with them over the next five years.

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The APT Group has supplied car park control systems to NCP since t


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