High Security Vehicle Control Points

For many industries and their sites, security has become an issue of ever increasing importance, with the threats now imposed by the world around us.

High Security Vehicle Control Points

In order to maintain a secure site, it is imperative that the impact and consequences of unauthorised vehicles gaining access to the site, or an attempted vehicle borne attack, are taken into consideration.

By formulating an internal action plan and taking proactive steps to put in place both physical systems and efficient procedures, the risks can be minimised and your site will be in a position to effectively combat potential threats. Appropriate vehicle and personnel identification systems will, in the first instance authenticate a vehicle and its passengers. These systems should be as efficient as possible, processing ID information swiftly and allowing authorised vehicles quick access to the site, whilst the physical barriers need to be robust and reliable, denying access immediately to any unauthorised vehicles.

The incorporation of effective and efficient processes and systems will act as a deterrent to attacks and should give greater peace of mind to site personnel. Automated systems also allow less reliance on manned guards. Should an attempt be made to gain unauthorised access, the systems in place should be able to withstand impacts associated with determined attacks.

Applicable sites include

Product / System solutions

Crash rated systems

High speed gates

Secure access control

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