Building and Asset Protection

Building and Asset ProtectionIt is an unfortunate fact of life that we now need to give even greater consideration to the protection of our buildings and assets. The volatile world in which we live means that we must assess the potential risk of vehicle borne attacks and consider the consequences of this occurring.

With this knowledge, we can formulate plans and take proactive steps to minimise the risks, by putting in place physical systems and procedures to combat potential threats.

A line of defence needs to be created around the site. This line of defence must present a formidable barrier that can only be accessed by authorised means. In the first instance, effective and efficient processes and systems will act as a deterrent and give all those on site greater peace of mind. Should an attempt be made to infringe a boundary the systems in place should be able to withstand impacts associated with determined attacks.

Applicable sites include

Product / System solutions

Crash rated systems

Lane / Traffic Control

High speed gates

Pedestrian Access

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