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 Welcome to the APT Car Park barrier homepage. We have several barriers in our range which cover every possible need.

Why not take advantage of our fully customisable executive barrier where you can choose from a range of colours and even add advertising on the arm all as standard.  

The sleek Guardian Barrier Range offers great value for money and excellent control of small car parks.

The unhanded manual barrier is so unique that you need not worry about getting your sizing wrong as the arm can easily be cut and balanced on site.

And our Guardian barrier box sets include everything you need to have an automatically controlled barrier installed without the fuss and worry of sourcing different elements from different companies.

The manual barrier and Guardian barriers are also held in stock to ensure a quick and swift response.

If you would like help to scope your requirements, or require a free site survey, please contact us or e-mail or call on 0208 515 8527.

Features and Benefits

Low Cost Automatic Guardian Barrier

Guardian+ Barrier

These are the perfect barrier for small to medium car parks, such as schools and office facilities, where short periods of concentrated access control is required. IN STOCK NOW *

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Fully Customisable Executive Automatic Barrier

Executive Automatic Barrier Range

Fully customisable barrier for all car parks, including high usage throughout the day (hospital, hotels, shopping centres). Available in any colour or stainless steel and comes complete with safety edge and advertising on the arm as standard.

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Classic Automatic Barriers

Classic Automatic Barrier Range

This is ideal for medium car parks, where traffic is more constant throughout the day.

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Manual Parking Barrier

Manual Parking Barrier

Ideal for those customers where the opening size is not yet known, because this barrier can be cut to length on site. Typically available from stock with a maximum arm length of 6m.


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