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Welcome to the APT automatic rising bollard homepage.

APT have 3 different versions of our automatic bollard which includes the brand new Guardian bollard our greenest and newest solution. 

Our highways approved rising bollard meets all aspects of highways requirements and can be used for bus gates and other traffic control.

The elegant heritage rising bollard blends in perfectly with the surrounding historic buildings. This range can be adapted to meet customer specific shapes and designs.

And we now add the new Guardian bollard, our greenest rising bollard which reduces street furniture, saves energy and minimises landfill. The Guardian bollard literature is now available in Welsh, French, Arabic and Brazillian Portuguese

This new Guardian bollard is also available in box sets include everything you need to have an automatically controlled bollard installed without the fuss and worry of sourcing different elements from different companies.

Example layouts and other downloads for the APT rising bollards blocker can be found here.

If you would like help to scope your requirements, or require a free site survey, please contact us or e-mail or call on 0208 515 8527.

Features and Benefits

Low Cost Automatic Guardian Rising Bollard

The APT Automatic Guardian Bollard is a cost effective, highly reliable, environmentally friendly bollard. This bollard will be launched late 2013 and will be available from stock.  

More on the green Guardian bollard

Highways Approved Automatic Rising Bollard

A fully highways approved proven system for use in bus gates, main road traffic control measures and other highways solutions

More on the highways approved bollard

Heritage Style Automatic Rising Bollard

An elegant rising bollard, that beautifully blends into the more historic surroundings. This bollard can be customised to different requirements.                                                                             More on the heritage bollard

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