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Welcome to the APT Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (anti terror PAS 68) homepage. Our range of products are all APT designed and developed using British expertise and manufacturing.

We have an extensive range of static and automatic impact tested bollards, blockers, street furniture and gates which have been used to protect key facilities including airports, stations, power supplies, sports venues, Olympic village, Olympic legacy and shopping centres.

APT was a supplier of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions (Olympic venues) to the London 2012 Games.

The APT range caters for every HVM need and boasts the following unique items:

-          The worlds first surface mounted bolt down bollard (APT30SM) which can be bolted to existing concrete bases just 100mm thick. Perfect for temporary or permanent protection.

-          The worlds only “complete” bollard (APT30SH). This bollard can be installed as a single unit and comes complete with integral re-bar .

-          The worlds shallowest automatically rising bollard (APT30AT) which requires a depth of just 500mm – almost half that of the nearest alternative.

-          The super shallow (APT40SH) static bollard requiring a depth of just 125mm.

-          The worlds only tested cycle hoop (APT40CR) which can be used as a module inside other items such as planters

In addition, we have a full range of HVM static bollards, HVM rising bollards, HVM blockers and HVM manually operable gates.

Example layouts and other downloads can be found here.

If you would like help to scope your requirements, or require a free site survey, please contact us or e-mail or call on 0208 515 8527.

Features and Benefits

Anti Terror PAS:68 Shallow and Surface Mount Static Bollards

Crash Rated Static Bollards

The worlds first bolt down bollard, super shallow depth bollards and a complete bollard with integral re-bar complement the APT full range of shallow foundation static bollards.

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Anti Terror PAS:68 Standard Depth Static Bollards

Crash Rated Static Bollards

APT has a complete range of crash tested and approved static bollards, which can be tailored to meet individual perimeter protection requirements.

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Anti Terror PAS:68 Shallow and Standard Depth Automatic Bollards

Crash Rated Automatic Bollards

Our range includes the worlds shallowest foundation triple telescopic (just 500mm) rising bollard as well at standard rising bollards which can be used automatically or manually .

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Anti Terror PAS:68 Cycle Hoop and Planter Module

Crash Rated Cycle Rack

You can now protect your facility with the worlds only tested cycle hoop which can easily be used as a module for planters, seating and other site specific requirements. 

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Anti Terror PAS:68 Surfaced or Shallow Mounted Rising Blocker

The APT blocker can be surface mounted or recessed into the road providing highly effective protection on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Anti Terror PAS:68/ASTM Standard Depth Rising Blocker
Crash Rated Rising Blocker

The deep foundation Titan Road Blocker is fully tested and approved in the UK and USA.

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Anti Terror PAS:68 Manual Barrier and Gates

APT have several options to protect facilities with manual barriers including rising,rolling and sliding.

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