Nortimepro (Parking Management System)

Nortimepro (Parking Management System)Nortimepro is a comprehensive time-based Parking Management System for controlling vehicle entry and exit.


Nortimepro (Parking Management System)Users are issued with cards that are encoded with time & date information to permit access to and from the site for a pre-determined period. The use of a motorised card reader allows active cards to be returned to the user, and expired cards to be captured, enabling them to be re-used time and time again. The encoder has both full keypad and function key programming options.

Because the control information is stored on the card itself, there is no need for a physical connection between the encoder and the card reader/controller. This reduces installation costs and greatly simplifies subsequent expansion of the system. Each unit is equipped with a real time clock that once set, keeps the unit in synchronism with the rest of the system. There is no limit to the number of encoders and/or card readers that can be used in the installation. Also, as distance is not an issue, an installation may cover several sites geographically.

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